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Process Breakdown: From Concept to Creation

Brainstorming with MindNode

After reviewing the script with the client I set out to generate as many ideas as possible before jumping into the thumbnail design phase. Using Mindnode I was able to quickly brainstorm idea after idea until finally I was able to come up with a visual  guide.


Now that I had a direction I wanted to go it’s time to start quickly sketching out ideas. This process saves so much time during the design phase. If you can quickly set the general shapes and composition roughed out beforehand you won’t waste time with all the technical details that can slow down a great visual concept.

Style Frames to Storyboards

With a solid idea and basic direction sketched out, it’s time now to start cranking out Style Frames. It’s important to layout each frame in a way so you can get a sense of visual direction as well as possible motion. Having the frames laid out in this grid fashion gives you a linear visual reference to follow. If you wait until animation to get the visual flow ironed out you’ll have a difficult time seeing where there are problems.